warm weather moving tips

Most household moves are carried out in the summertime, which means having to deal with the heat while lifting and toting your belongings. If you are planning to move soon, whether by yourself or with the help of movers, there are ways you can keep it cool.

#1 Make Sure to Wear Comfortable, Protective Clothing

In the summertime, it’s important not to get overheated and the best way to do that is through lightweight, comfortable clothing. Some key things to look for in your clothing are:

  • Breathable Cotton Cloth
  • Wicking Sports Apparel
  • Closed-Toe Athletic Shoes
  • Hats and Baseball Caps

You should also pick out a pair of sturdy work gloves to protect your hands. While most of your belongings will be packed up, there are still sharp corners, and you may come across other things that can dig into the palms or even cut the skin.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Pick up a package of bottled water to have on hand for when you need to rehydrate and cool off. It can be a good idea to have both room temperature and cold water ready to drink. Many homeowners also like to buy water to have available for their movers as a common courtesy.

#3 Send the Kids/Pets to Stay with Someone for the Day

If you are going to have your doors open all day, it will be hard to keep the house cool. Children and pets are a little more vulnerable to extreme temperatures than adults. Plus, the kids can get bored easily and may start getting in your way or the way of your movers. Consider arranging to have them stay at a neighbor’s, a friend’s, or a family member’s home during moving day.

#4 Set Up Fans to Keep Cool

You can do some things to keep the house cooler when moving. Consider setting up some fans, either at the doorways or windows to move air through the home. You may also want to open up multiple windows to encourage a cross-breeze to bring fresh air in from outside.

#5 Get the AC in Your Car Topped Up

When you are driving to a new home as part of a Bay Area long-distance move, make sure to have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic. A tune-up and routine maintenance can help you avoid unwanted breakdowns, while also topping up your engine coolant and the AC coolant too.

#6 Remember to Take Breaks

Don’t overexert yourself during a move. You’ll build up a sweat and overheat quickly. Be sure to take regular breaks to drink water and eat some snacks. Ideally, you should have something with a little salt in it to replenish your electrolytes.

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