When you are getting ready for a long-distance move to another state, checklists can help out a lot. There is too much to keep track of during a move, so you have to put your plans into writing. However, even creating an interstate checklist can seem a little overwhelming when you have so much to do.

To make your daily life easier, we’ve put together a few suggestions for creating checklists for moving to a new city.

Create a Moving Checklist Timeline

One of the biggest challenges of an interstate move is keeping track of your schedule. There are many tasks to take care of and many appointments to keep with your movers. A separate timeline for moving out of state is a good idea. You can buy a cheap wall calendar and hang it up, so your moving schedule is always visible. You can also hang a marker or pen on a string with it, so you can mark appointments and dates on the fly.

Another option is to set up Google Calendar with all of your appointments and ‘due dates’ for tasks. This is great for families. You can share the checklist for moving out with each family member. Plus, you’ll have the option of creating color coded tasks for everyone in the family.

Things to include on your timeline:

  • Initial Move Consultation
  • Packing Day Appointments
  • Moving Day Appointments
  • Utility Shut Off Dates
  • Dates to Get Utilities Turned On
  • Move-In Day
  • Dates to Get Personal Items Packed

What to Include on Your Moving Checklist?

You’ll also want to create a separate checklist for moving out of state with all of the tasks you need to complete. These tasks will cover everything from scheduling appointments to cleaning the apartment or house before you leave.

It can be helpful to create multiple moving checklists that are divided separate sections depending on your personal needs. You may want to organize it:

  • According to your timeline
  • By family member
  • By area of the home

Choose the method that works best for how you like to stay organized in your day-to-day life.

Tips for Moving Out-of-State for the First Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process of moving, especially if you are relocating long-distance. To help you get a successful start to that move, here are a few things to put on your moving out of state checklist:

  • Get multiple quotes from different moving companies
  • Look into valuation coverage for your more valuable belongings
  • Assess your belongings and create a quick item inventory
  • Donate unwanted items to local charities and thrift shops
  • Contact the utility companies to let them know you are moving
  • Set up new accounts with utilities in another city
  • Contact children’s school to transfer their records to new school
  • Submit change of address form with post office
  • Change address with your doctors, insurance, and other organizations
  • Use up food in the fridge and cupboards
  • Buy moving supplies and cardboard boxes
  • Arrange transportation for your family and pets

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