Protect Your Home When Moving

Whether you’re moving into or out of a home, several things would be top of your to-do list, including moving perishables and delicate items. However, home relocation is never complete without protecting your home from damage to spots such as the doorway, frames, windows, lawns, and walls. With this post from highly experienced residential movers, you can protect your home by applying the following tips.

Protecting Your Lawn

The moving crew will likely use the same pathway from your home to their truck. Perhaps you have some landscaping items in this pathway, and you wouldn’t want them to get damaged during a move. Inform the moving crew to take extra care around such items. Take out any movable items like lawn ornaments and bird feeders. Also, if your lawn is wet from a recent weather event, consider laying plywood, particleboard, cardboard, or other covering on your grass to minimize damage from frequent foot traffic during the moving process.

Protecting Your Floors

Depending on the size of your move, you’ll have a number of people walking in and out of your home dozens of times on the moving day. With that, the chances of bringing outside dirt into your household are high. You can avoid having dirt in your home by covering all carpeted areas in your home with plastic wrap.

Many experienced household moving companies take this precaution, and it will likely be the first priority when they enter the home on your moving day. Also, the professionals may lay particle boards to protect carpeted areas from dollies and hand truck usage.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

To make sure permanent wood fixtures in your home are free from accidental scratches and dents from bulky items during your move, cover the items with towels or heavy blankets. Professional movers will have stacks of padded moving blankets in their truck and will wrap sensitive wood areas for better protection. If you’re worried about your door surfaces getting scratched by furniture, you can have the doors removed from the hinges for safekeeping.

Protecting Window and Wall Décor

During a move, you do not always have a clear line of sight with items hanging on your walls while moving large, bulky items like furniture. You and your home movers can make sure not to accidentally swipe and damage your curtains or other wall decors in high-traffic areas by removing them before the heavy lifting starts.

Protecting Against Spills

All liquids and powders should be properly sealed at the beginning of the move. This will ensure that nothing slippery gets on your walls or floors. Also, consider getting rid of unwanted liquids and powders before the moving day. If you want to show some hospitality to the moving crew with some liquid to drink, you’d best stick to bottled water—an accidentally spilled bottle of water isn’t difficult to clean up.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

Your garage floor is an important place and often contains different things like oil and fuel for vehicles and machines, chemicals, used parts, soil for lawn care, and much more. Before moving, you should move them to protect against spillage. Also, many long-distance movers won’t move these items anyway.

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