As exciting as moving can be, the stress of the process can easily take over if you're unprepared. Prepare yourself with these moving and packing tips, and get your Bay Area move started off right with the peace of mind knowing you've got a plan.

If you are busy or overwhelmed with how involved a move can be, rest assured you can rely on full-service movers to reduce the burden tremendously. There are a variety of Bay Area residential movers who can efficiently pack some of all of your household goods, and then transport everything to its new destination, unpack and remove the boxes and debris. 

Pack Early or Hire Bay Area Movers & Packers

Begin early: If you wait too long, you'll have to organize everything in a scramble, and not be as organized as you would like (and that will make unpacking in your new home that much more challenging). You may also cut corners, leading to a subpar move. Planning in advance and packing non-essentials early allows you to make small incremental steps, keep well-organized and reduces the burden of doing it all at once. If packing isn't your thing, consider hiring a moving and packing company like Upline Moving to take on the entire packing and unpacking process as part of your move.

Declutter with Donate, Discard, and Sell Piles

Not everything in your home has to be moved - there are likely several things you may not want to take with you.  Rather than packing and unpacking them, use that time to plan what you're keeping and discarding. Once you've set everything aside, determine the items' condition and where to take it. Anything you decide to trash or donate will be that much less to pack, haul and unpack.

Organize Your Moving Boxes by Room

Don't just label boxes as you pack, but also organize them by room. This will be a huge help come move-in day, because you'll know where everything belongs, rather than having to open a mystery box every time::

  • Kitchen: Keeping kitchen items together is very helpful when setting up your new kitchen. Be sure to pack your small appliances in the same boxes and ensure cookware and utensils are all grouped together.
  • Living Room: The assortment of home decor, both large and small, can make for interesting packing. Ensure all breakables and small, delicate items are well-protected and packed together in boxes that are very clearly labelled "Fragile," while larger and sturdier items can be well wrapped in big boxes, being careful to consider weight.
  • Bedrooms: Ideally everyone packs their own bedroom, but that is less likely with younger children in the home. Keep everyone's belongings separated so that they can be directly placed into their new room. And be sure to pack the most prized items, such as favorite toys, last and in a very clearly labelled box for early unpacking.
  • Garage/Basement/Shed: Items that don't belong in the main home should be separated by space and labelled as per their new destination, such as if you won't have a shed, and those items will go into your new garage instead.

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