When planning a relocation, you may be deciding if you want to hire professional movers or perform a DIY move. Many people consider moving themselves to save money on moving costs.

However, there are numerous benefits to choosing professional movers over doing the move yourself. This article will cover some of the primary reasons you should consider hiring movers.

Time and Energy Savings

One of the biggest reasons for hiring a moving and storage company is to save time and energy. Moving is often a strenuous task requiring you to haul all your household or business items.

Professional movers will handle the heavy lifting for you and allow you to relax during the relocation. Additionally, experienced movers will help to transport items faster than someone handling them themselves. 

Protecting Your Belongings

Moving and storage companies have the experience to protect your valuables during transport. Through effective packing methods, the movers can cushion your items against impacts in the truck. 

While hauling your items, the movers will also offer custom crating options for high-value items. If you want peace of mind that your belongings are safe, you should consider working with professional movers. 

Professional Move Planning

From local to long-distance relocations, every move requires proper planning to ensure its success. A moving and storage company will have the experience to coordinate a streamlined moving service.

If necessary, the mover will coordinate additional third-party services to make the transition easier. Many moving companies offer services such as:

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Storage Services
  • Piano Shipping

Moving Insurance Options

Unlike moving the items yourself, a professional mover is legally obligated to offer moving insurance for customers. A mover will offer full value protection and released value protection for your relocation.

If your items are damaged due to conditions in the back of the moving truck, you can receive funds based on the estimated value. For people moving their own belongings, they will be responsible for covering the costs of damaged items.

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