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Kathy R.

I would not recommend Upline Moving to anyone. Our experience moving across country has been a nightmare. We hired them because of the 14 day guarantee... it took 28 days. It would have been a better experience if the guy, "Jeff", we had to talk to was customer oriented. When we expressed concern about lost items, because it was taking so long, his response was "well, that's Murphy's Law". When the truck did arrive, my daughter was on a business trip so paid the driver electronically and was charged an additional $58 which was a surprise to her. "Jeff" said it was "in the contract"... thing is, when she tried to read the contract the day they took the boxes, he told her they were on a tight schedule and that she could "read it later" but "sign it so we can get on the road". Couldn't he have said... when telling her how much she needed to pay when the boxes arrived "cash or there is an extra charge for electronic payments?? When you run a business transporting peoples belongings, you should have employees that know how to talk to customers and if you want continued business, you need to know how to put a customer at ease... not stress them out more and assure them their things will arrive on time and in good shape.

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