Whether you are moving for a job, for family, or simply for a change of scenery, moving long-distance adds stress to the already stressful moving process.

In the moving industry, long distance moving is considered anything more than a few hours away, so that might include parts of California, as well as distant states.

Where to start when planning a long distance move

You may be renting a home or apartment in your new location. You need to move your household goods, clothing, animals, and even automobiles. A reliable professional moving company will help you decide how you want to move. Your estimate will be based on the weight or volume of your goods along with the distance.


The first step in planning a long distance move is to decide what you want to take with you. We accumulate possessions throughout our lives but there are many things we can live without. This is the time to decide if "less is more."

Is it worth it to ship that old sofa or can you afford a new one? This may be the excuse you need to recycle furniture and other items you don't want by selling or donating them.

Depending on your schedule, it can take weeks or even months to pack personal items. Your mover will be happy to help you out. They can even unpack at your delivery address. Of course, the more a mover does, the higher the cost of the move. If your budget is a concern, your moving consultant can help you determine how many boxes you need and the company can deliver them to you.

Do not ship food items or toxic substances with the mover. Cans become dented and packaged food items can tear. Liquids can spill. You can take food in your vehicle if you are traveling to your new destination by road. Your pets can travel with you in your vehicle. Keep pet vaccination information with you.

Personal Items

Your laptop computers, other mobile communication equipment, important documents, medications, jewelry and other small items should always stay in your possession. Your personal packing should include clothing and toiletries for several days since you may arrive at your destination before the moving van.

Plan to stay in a hotel at least one night before you move into your new home if you are moving long distance. You may need a pet-friendly hotel or motel. It may be difficult for a mover to give you an exact date and time for arrival in your new location. You may fly to your destination and arrive days before your moving van.

Make sure you can move in the day your moving van arrives. The new house or apartment should be empty and waiting for you. There should be a service elevator available for moving furniture into a large building.

If the movers arrive before you are ready to move in, your mover will place your furniture in a storage facility at your new location or they may store your furnishings until you are ready to have them moved.


Insure all of the items that you are moving. This is important if you are covering several hundred or more miles. Your moving company will explain the different type of policies involved and their liability limits.

Most movers are careful and do not have problems. The insurance is for the unexpected accident or breakage.

UPline Moving Services will take the stress out of moving by packing for you. UPline is licensed and insured. We offer insurance and storage facilities in San Leandro and Hayward. Contact us when you are ready to move into or out of the Bay Area.