It can be quite stressful when you're moving, but moving with cats and dogs can be even more stressful. Even when you are moving without a pet you can find yourself stressing out over how to make everything go smoothly and also on how to make it as easy on your cat or dog as possible.

Moving With Cats And Dogs

Thankfully there are helpful tips that you can follow to help make the moving experience one that is calm and also one that proves to be successful.

Make an overnight kit

When you're moving with cats and dogs an overnight kit is a must. One of the first things that you are going to want to do is to make an overnight kit for your cat or your dog. Some of the things that you are going to want to include in the kit will be things such as dog food, cat food. You may want to get some toys in there as well as a litterbox for your cat. Grooming may also be required, so do not forget the brush and that type of stuff to keep your dog or cat comfortable.

Get the vet ready

Do you have a veterinarian that you routinely visit with your cat or your dog? When you are getting ready to move be proactive in making that switch as well. Be sure that you tell the vet that you currently have that you are going to be making the switch. This is what is going to allow you to get the records for your cat or your dog. You will be able to get prescription medications they need, and be ready for the move. Do not be afraid to ask your current vet for any recommendations for where you are moving to as well.

Set the house up first

This is not always the easiest thing, but you want to have the new house set up before you go moving your cat or your dog there. In the event that you cannot do this, maybe just give them one room while you are setting up all of the others. Do not forget to give your dog or your cat a lot of attention as well so that they can feel safe, loved and cared for while you are preparing the rest of the home for them.

Update ID tags and microchips

Make sure that you update the tag that they have as well as microchip information in the event that they have one. You want to get the new address and the new phone number on their tag in the event that it is needed.

Give them time to acclimate

Try to see if you can take few days off of work with your dog or your cat so that they can get used to the new home with you. This can help you get them all acclimated to their new home, where their food and water is, where they will go to the bathroom, and so on.

It is all about comfort for your dog or your cat that is going through a move with you. Moving to a new home is never that easy of a task. When you plan it out properly though what you will find is that it is not all that daunting of a task. Your dog and/or your cat will love your new home just as much as you do when the move is prepared for properly.