9 things to do before the relocation movers show up

If you're planning a move, you've likely got a ton on your plate.

The time from packing up to settling down can be full of deadlines, paperwork, scheduling, and other obligations.

Thankfully, relocation movers are available to make the process as smooth and painless as possible, taking care of most logistics for you.

To make the transition easier, there are a few things you can do before the movers show up. By taking the time to prepare the space as much as possible, you'll help ensure against any snafus that could delay your journey homeward.

Today, we're discussing nine things you can do that will leave your relocation movers saying "thank you!"

Ready to get started? Put down that box and let's dive in!

1. Start Simple: Declutter

According to a recent survey, almost one in four Americans reports his or her garage is unable to hold even one car.

Why? Because they're filled -- not with vehicles, but with clutter.

The reason we need to make use of the extra storage space? Our homes are literally overflowing with materials.

In fact, research shows that the average home contains 300,000 items. From plastic cups to workout equipment, that's enough to make anyone feel cramped.

Before your relocation movers show up, make a clean sweep of your home. Identify anything that won't be used in your new location. Then, mark it to either discard or give away.

Doing this step first can help the subsequent steps run that much more stress-free.

Another benefit of this deep-clean? You'll save money in the long run, as you won't have to pay the movers to transport something you'll just toss later.

2. Clean What You Keep

Once you've identified what's staying and what's going, get to work by making sure that the items you keep are in tip-top shape for moving.

While it may be easiest to start with the obvious -- the smudgy mirror, the dusty bookshelf, the stained linens -- be sure to look in the more obscure places as well.

Spots that are commonly missed? Your refrigerator (unplug and clean), your dresser drawers (wipe clean with a damp cloth) and your lawn and power tools (drain the fuel, then wipe down).

This helps to ensure that as your items are packed together, they aren't soiling the items around them. It also helps save time once you arrive at your destination, as half the cleaning will be already accomplished!

3. Start Pre-Packing and Labeling

While your relocation movers will handle the bulk of your packing and loading, there are a few steps you can take to make the process go quicker.

For one, you can go ahead and pre-pack a few small, essential items that you want to be treated with extra attention. These might include special knick-knacks, picture frames, books, and more.

After you pre-pack, you can start labeling any items that require extra care or attention.

In addition, if there's something of great value you'd rather handle and move yourself (think jewelry, small electronics, the contents of your personal filing cabinet, etc.), be sure to label those items too.

4. Make an Inventory List

While you may not be able to document every single item in your home (remember the 300,000 stat from earlier?), you can make a detailed list of the major items.

If you do so, you can check your list against what's left at your new spot, so you can make sure everything arrived safely.

This adds a level of protection and evidence to your move in the event that you notice anything amiss when the move is complete.

If you inventory your items by category, it can also help you better organize them when you unpack.

5. Measure for Movement

To avoid any potential issues that may arise when your relocation movers arrive, it's helpful to clear the path toward the door.

This is especially beneficial for moving large items, such as your sofa or dining room table.

While you're preparing the space, go ahead and measure your doorways, hallways, and staircases to make sure the furniture will clear.

If you run across something too bulky to fit, you can try to disassemble it yourself if possible. If you go this route, be sure to keep all the separated pieces together so reassembly will be a breeze after your move.

If the task is overwhelming, it can always be left to the pros, but this way you'll know which items they'll need to take apart before moving them out.

6. Review Your Insurance Options

Whether you're moving across the country or just down the road, moving insurance can offer unmatched protection when it comes to securing your home's value.

A reputable mover will provide some level of liability protection.

If you plan to move items of significant worth, you may want to research additional insurance in addition to what your relocation movers offer. In most cases, your movers will be able to point you in the direction of such services.

7. Schedule to Be Present

No one knows your home like you do. As such, if at all possible, it's ideal for you, the homeowner, to be there when the relocation movers arrive.

This way, if any issues arise, you'll be present to help resolve them. You'll also be on hand to share any specific instructions or relay any requests. This type of in-person

This type of in-person interaction is invaluable. It could ultimately save you a headache or two down the road resulting from the miscommunication that often stems from phone, email or text correspondence.

8. Safeguard Your Home's Structure

Before your relocation movers arrive, it's helpful to prepare your space for their movement.

Putting down a covering on the floor is a great place to start. This helps prevent footprints and smudges and contains tracked-in dirt to one spot. Then, consider protecting your heavily-traveled areas as well.

Then, consider protecting your heavily-traveled areas as well. Are your corners too exposed? What about your stairwell?

Covering these in old towels or bubble wrap can help ensure that if something bumps up against them, you're not dealing with repainting, or buffering out a scratch, on top of everything else.

9. Take Lots of Pictures

In the same vein of making an inventory list, it's important to take lots of pictures as you prepare for your movers.

Doing so will provide you with a visual record of everything in your home, so you can protect yourself against theft or misconduct.

In addition, once you arrive at your new location, a simple glance at your photograph will remind you exactly how you had every item placed.

While some may view a move as a fresh start, this can be incredibly helpful if you want to recreate the same or similar set-up as you previously enjoyed.

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