Moving companies, much like Boy Scouts, are always prepared. At least the good ones are. There are some things, though, that even the best-equipped movers might not be ready for without advanced notice. To save money and time on your move, you should always let your mover know before the move if you have any of these items:


Pianos are relatively common pieces of household furniture. Many people don't give them a lot of thought, especially if they don't regularly play. A lot forget to mention their piano to their mover, and that can be a mistake. Pianos require special equipment and some pianos may require an extra mover or even two. While a small spinet or console piano might not be too much of a problem, even they could require extra help if there are any stairs.


Experts often advise that homeowners should have a fireproof safe. Fireproof safes are really heavy, and they should be. Why would you want a safe that can easily be carried off by a burglar? As with pianos, movers need special equipment and possibly an additional mover for safes.

Murphy Beds

Space saving Murphy beds are a favorite in many small apartments throughout the Bay Area. They fold into the wall, making them disappear during the day and providing extra living space. Because they're attached to the wall, though, moving them can get complicated and even dangerous. Murphy beds are heavy, they require disassembly and if a bed falls, it can send someone to the hospital or worse. Movers should always be told about Murphy beds, especially since most are part of small moves which would otherwise require only the minimum equipment and the minimum number of movers.

Pool Tables

While pool tables sort of look like regular furniture, they are not. Pool tables need disassembly and underneath the green felt, is slate. Slate is extremely fragile and most movers recommend that it be crated with wood. Crates need to be arranged a few days before the move, since they are custom built.

Sculptures and Fine Art

As with pool tables, sculptures and fine art need the protection of wood crates. Your moving consultant will have to take exact measurements, and the crates will be custom built at the mover's home base.

Anything That Had To Go Through A Window

If it's been years since you moved into your home, you might not remember (or might have blocked out) all the details of your move. Still, it's worth taking a good hard look around. If there were some items that were too big to fit in the door, or if they couldn't make it up the elevator, they may have gone in through a window. Unfortunately, most movers are not equipped to hoist items thought windows. You may need to contact a hoisting specialist. Your moving company can certainly help you with recommendations. Beware of moving companies that tell you that hoisting isn't a problem. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way that hoisting without all the proper equipment and training is a very, very bad idea.

Contact your mover before the move if you have any other items you think might need special handling,

Featured image via Pixabay.