Moving farther than 100 miles from your current home can be a challenge. As part of your preparation, you'll need to arrange for the right moving company. These professionals should be able to handle all your belongings from small trinkets to large boxes of fragile items. To make the process go a little easier, however, there are some ways you can prepare.

Set Up and Shut Down Utilities Start a successful move by thinking about the basics. You need power at your current residence, but it should also be on at the new location once you arrive. Work with your utility companies to formulate a plan. They might shut off the power at your current residence at the end of the moving day. In contrast, the new address should have power on from the moment the moving day begins. With this strategy, there's no lull in utility availability. It will be possible to move without any delays.

Think Room to Room Every moving company uses a similar packing strategy. They pack items according to rooms. For example, all of your kitchen items should go into one or more boxes. As you arrive at the new location, you'll have a good idea of where everything is as you slowly unpack.

Placing items haphazardly into boxes will only confuse you when you start unpacking. Be prepared as a packer so that your unpacking process is as easy and as streamlined as possible.

Divide Out the Personal Belongings Preparing for a move is a great time to clean out the house. Don't just pack everything in sight. Create separate piles of items you'd like to keep, discard, sell or donate. The packing job will be much easier if you eliminate items that you simply don't use anymore. As a general rule, you could remove an item from a packed box if it hasn't been used within the past year. It's just not necessary to keep all your belongings if you aren't using them.

Speak Candidly With Your Movers Discuss your move details with the movers so that they understand your concerns. They'll go over necessary stops along the way. Experienced movers will accommodate as many of your requests as possible. Long-distance moves include the movers themselves, so a working relationship is often developed over the traveling time.

Of course, it's important to work with professionals who have decades of experience. The team at Upline Moving has the tools to get you settled into your new place in no time. Contact them today to learn how they can help with your long-distance move, and make the processes as easy as possible!