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May is National Moving Month, and represents the start of the year’s most popular season for relocation. More people move over the summer than during any other time of the year, and it’s not too hard to understand why. Summer relocations are often the ideal time for many people that are relocating with kids, moving out for college, or taking a vacation from work to transfer the household into a new home—and moving during any other time of the year just doesn’t make as much sense.

While the timing might seem ideal, planning a move during peak season—when up to 70% of moving projects are made in an entire calendar year—comes with its own down sides. If you’re planning a residential or commercial move between Memorial Day and Labor Day of this year, take a look at this guide from Upline Moving on how to make the most out of your peak season relocation.

Choose Your Moving Team Early

If you’re hiring moving services to help you plan, organize, and execute a relocation project, make sure to find and secure your moving company early. Most moving companies are fully booked by the time peak season rolls around, which is why it’s a good idea to get in early and make your appointment far in advance.

At Upline Moving, we suggest hiring your Bay Area movers at least two months in advance, or more. This means starting to research moving companies in Bay Area weeks ahead, and scheduling in-home pricing estimates and free consultations beforehand. Once you’ve settled on the best company you can find, lock-in those dates quickly before other customers begin to flood in with moving service requests just before the start of the season.

Prepare for Sunshine and Heat Waves

One of the downsides of a peak season move is the weather. While you’re not likely to experience storms or heavy rain in the summertime, especially in the Bay Area, it can get quite hot at times, especially if you’re moving inland or towards the Central Valley—so make sure you’re prepared. Start your moving process early in the morning to avoid exerting yourself during the hottest hours of the day. Drink plenty of water, and protect your skin with sunblock and wide hats while outside.

Take plenty of breaks as well and offer your movers cool drinks and ice water throughout the duration of the move. Become aware of some of the signs of dehydration and heat stroke to avoid running into health issues in extremely hot weather.

Plan Your Budget

Just a word of advice—moving during peak season can be costlier than at other times of the year, so compare rates. Choose three or four established, reputable companies and ask for an in-home price quote and moving consultation. The best companies will send a personalized moving coordinator to your home to evaluate your property and come up with a plan for your project. You’ll also receive a detailed breakdown of the costs—which you can then use to compare against other companies.

Avoid Becoming a Victim to a Peak Season Moving Scam

Beware of moving scams over the summer as well. Many unlicensed movers set up shop over the summertime to try and make money off of the high rate of customers moving during peak season. This is another reason why it’s so important to book with reputable movers before they fill up their schedules—to avoid resorting to a last-minute company that may or may not be legitimate.

To find a reputable moving company, make sure the one you choose is BBB-accredited, offers a full-range of comprehensive moving solutions, and offers free, in-home pricing estimates. Also, check the company’s ratings on third-party sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Facebook to see what former customers have said about their services.

Needless to say, stay away from companies that lack social media pages, websites, and third-party reviews. In general, it should be easy to tell which companies are legitimate, and which ones probably aren’t. Avoid waiting until the last minute as well, as desperation is the number one reason why so many people fall for moving scams during peak season.

Upline Moving: Our #1 Bay Area Moving Company

Finding a reliable, professional moving company is the number one most important thing you can do to make your moving project a success, especially over the peak season. At Upline Moving, we’re proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area with top-quality solutions for residential and commercial moving at affordable prices during the summer and throughout the year.

For over a decade, we’ve provided outstanding services for our customers, and earned a name for ourselves as one of the most trusted moving companies in the Bay Area and beyond. From our customer-first policies, flat-rate pricing, and comprehensive menu of superior relocation solutions, you can rest-assured that Upline Moving has what it takes to make your next move a success.

For more information about our relocation services during peak season or the rest of the year, give us a call to speak with an agent now. If you prefer, you can also get started with a free, in-home pricing estimate and a personalized visit with a moving coordinator by filling out our online form