With several moving companies in the area, choosing the right Bay Area moving company for your upcoming move can be almost as challenging as moving itself. Not all moving companies are created equally, and you need to do your due diligence when selecting the right local or long-distance movers for your household. 

The best way to avoid unwanted surprises during a move is to ask questions of your moving provider before you pay a deposit or sign a contract. By asking prospective moving companies a few essential questions, you can determine which one is the best fit for you.  

How Long Has Your Company Been in Operation?

To get an idea of your potential moving company's services, begin by asking about their history. The response you get will offer you an indication of their degree of knowledge and professionalism. Though a long history is no guarantee of top-notch service, it will help you measure the company's competence. A moving company with many years in the industry has a higher chance of delivering a better moving experience than a newbie.

Can You Provide Me With a Brief Description of Your Resources?

You want a moving company with a dedicated headquarters, because it shows that it is a reputable and trustworthy organization. Moving companies should also be able to accommodate any moving requirements you may have as a client. If their description of their moving resources meets your standards, you can feel confident proceeding to the next step.

What Are Some of Your Awards and Memberships?

A moving company's reputation can be validated by looking at its awards and affiliations. Reliable movers should be a part of various business associations and be recognized for their dedication to providing consistently excellent service. It boosts their credibility, and gives you peace of mind that their reputation is strong in the industry.

Can I View Testimonials From Your Previous Clients?

To get a sense of what it's like to work with a moving company, it's helpful to read reviews left by previous clients. It is known that any reputable moving company will supply you with testimonials from previous clients who were satisfied with their work.

Can You Explain the Steps You Take to Protect My Property?

Moving companies with a good reputation, like Upline Moving, ensure that the items they transport are safe and protected from damage. Taking intentional steps to protect your belongings and vulnerable areas of your home, such as carpets, entrances, and woodwork, are some of the industry benchmarks for respecting your property and ensuring your items are delivered in the same condition as when they were received. 

Can You Explain the Claims Process in the Event My Items Get Damaged?

No moving company can fully guarantee that your belongings won't be harmed, but they can take extra steps to provide you with the right protection if an unfortunate event occurs. If a moving company is professional, they will have a predetermined plan that they follow for handling customer complaints and correcting the situation.  

Moving companies may also be able to offer you two types of value protection: full value protection and released value protection. The former is the reimbursement based on item replacement value, and the latter is reimbursement based on item weight.

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies?

Before you hire a moving company, they should be able to explain how their quotes are calculated and what services they provide in terms of packing, crew size and transport. Additionally, the company should be able to clarify whether the pricing is binding or non-binding.

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