Even when you hire a professional mover, the process of moving is pretty all-consuming. The two months before a move are shockingly busy, and even for those who are organizationally gifted, moving seems like the time to put aside all the fun things we do in life. You're still human, though, and with all the stresses involved in packing and moving, you need to decompress more than ever. Here are 10 things you should definitely do for fun, even while preparing for your move.

10. Go to a movie

Give your family a break for a couple of hours and go to a movie. It will give you a chance to immerse your minds in something other than boxes and trying to find your cooking utensils.

9. Go to the park

If you have little ones, take them to a playground, preferably their usual playground. This will give them at least a bit of a feeling of normalcy.

8.Take your dogs for a walk

Get yourself some fresh air and give your pooches a well-deserved bathroom break in the great outdoors.

7. Play a game

Before you pack your family games, pull one out. Create one more memory in your old home.

6. Play music

Music is guilt free fun, even while you're working. No one says you can't sing and dance while packing.

5. Take pictures

Take pictures of your house, take pictures of your neighborhood, take pictures of your neighbors.

4. Do something you've never done in your town

In any given year, only about 20 percent of Americans ever visit a museum. Most Bay Area residents have never walked or biked the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Area is full of attractions, but most people are too busy to enjoy them on a regular basis, if at all. You're even more busy when you're getting ready to move, but take a few hours and enjoy at least one local attraction.

3. Go for a bike ride

A family bike ride is simple, cheap and can be as long or as short as you want.

2. Relax

Practice yoga, meditate, go to the gym. For your own sanity, expend some physical energy and get some time to focus on what's really important. You'll feel refreshed and energized when you get back to packing.

1. Have a glass of wine

After spending a day packing, it's time to decompress. Have a glass of wine, beer or your favorite mixed drink. Don't drink too much, though. There's nothing worse than having to move hung over.

Featured image via Army Medicine/Flickr.